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Building - a new way...

There are many reasons why building materials should be considered very carefully - performance, appearance and availability being just a few.

Given that the purpose of most buildings is to provide a comfortable home for its inhabitants, it is important to understand how specific construction materials and decorative finishes can affect the internal environment.

For example, conventional emulsion paints often contain significant levels of harmful chemicals. This presents a real problem, not only to the health of those who use them but also to the home's daily inhabitant's.

Furthermore, the manufacture process of many conventional paints brings long-term problems for the external environment.

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Lochplace Building Conservation is determined to promote the viability of sustainable development in Ireland. To help achieve this objective, we have established an extensive range of practical, high-performance and cost-effective alternatives to conventional building materials. These are available NOW, under the name 'NBT'.

NBT products and systems are new generation building materials designed for new build, renovation and historic buildings and are based upon cutting edge technical expertise and high quality commercial practice.

Four ranges are available:

  • Paint - Emulsions, Glosses, Eggshells, Oils, Waxes and Timber Paints.
  • Insulation - Woodfibre boards, Cellulose fibre, Flax batts and Sheepswool.
  • Boards - Clay boards, Reedboards and Mats.
  • Blocks - Ziegel Blocks and building components.